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Connor McGinnis

Sales & Marketplace Intern


University of Oklahoma, Bachelor's in Finance

Favorite Sport to Play or Watch:

College football

Favorite Nike Product: Air Max 1

Favorite Nike Athlete: Russell Westbrook

Fun Fact: I have been on six mission trips to four different countries.

Ezenwa Ilabor

Jordan North America Retail Brand Visual Presentation Intern


Johnson and Wales University, Bachelor's in Fashion Merchandise & Retailing/Marketing

Favorite Sport to Play or Watch:

I have a passion for Track and Field. I ran track my senior year of high school and throughout university.

Favorite Athlete: Alysia Montaño

Favorite Nike Product: E.A.R.L

Fun Fact: I have a yearning for the fashion industry combined with technology, creating a mastermind of smart textiles such as E.A.R.L. 

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Hallie Thome

Sales/Brand Intern


University of Michigan, Bachelor's in Communications

Favorite Sport to Play or Watch:

Play: Basketball

Watch: Gymnastics

Favorite Nike Product: Air Force 1

Favorite Nike Athlete: LeBron James

Fun Fact: I'm a twin.

Martine Augustin

Digital Intern


Hampton University, Bachelor's in Senior Criminal Justice Major and Sociology

Favorite Sport to Play or Watch:

Cheerleading. I've been a cheerleader since the 9th grade.

Favorite Nike Product: Jordan XI Low

Favorite Nike Athlete: LeBron James

Fun Fact: My favorite quote is: "To whom much is given, much is required." In addition, I love to do community service. I also enjoy all aspect of the performing arts, dancing, spoken word and art: They are great ways for me to express myself. I love to cheer, pushing myself and my athletic abilities all while building something beautiful with my team.

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Rozzie Cribbs

Jordan Global Design Studio Intern


Southern Illinois University, Carbondale, Bachelor's in Communication Design

Favorite Sport to Play or Watch:

Basketball, Badminton, Track

Favorite Nike Product: Nike Air Force 1s and Air Max  

Favorite Nike Athlete: Colin Kaepernick, Michael Jordan 

Fun Fact: I am a huge fan of jazz and Lo-fi hip hop.