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Sports marketing

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Marley Avritt

Tennis Sports Marketing Intern


University of Washington, Bachelor's in Law, Society & Justice and Political Science

Favorite Sport to Play or Watch:

Rowing (I am a member of the UW crew team and have been rowing for eight years)

Favorite Nike Product: Shoes in general! I love everything shoes. Whether it's slides, Converse, Air Max or running shoes — I love them all.

Favorite Nike Athlete: Serena Williams

Fun Fact: I teach an indoor spin class twice a week.

Paxton Smith

Athletics SM Intern


University of Colorado, Bachelor's in Marketing and Operating Management

Favorite Sport to Play or Watch:

Track and Field

Favorite Nike Product: Nike Pegasus Turbo

Favorite Nike Athlete: Eliud Kipchoge

Fun Fact: I can play the clarinet and saxophone.

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