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Global Operations Strategy

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Kelly Mellenthin

Global operations Strategy Graduate Intern

Undergraduate University + Degree: University of Southern California (USC), Class of 2013; BS Business Administration, Marketing

Graduate University + Degree: University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA), Class of 2020; MBA

Favorite Sport to play and/or watch: I am an avid USC Football fan and enjoy watching all college and professional football. I love to run and will enthusiastically (though mediocrely) play just about anything: soccer, basketball, baseball, you name it.

Favorite Nike Product: I live in my Nike Frees and have owned them in most colors over the course of my life, though currently sport a pair of the Nike Free RN Distance in white.

Favorite Nike Athlete: Lacey Baker! She epitomizes strength to me, both literally and otherwise. Not only has she disrupted a primarily-male sport with incredible poise and authenticity, but she’s a great example of what one can achieve through passion and persistence.

Fun Fact: I love goofy obscure sports. I was on a competitive laser tag team in high school, the club Quidditch team in undergrad, and played on an intramural 90’s Blacklight Dodgeball team (i.e. glow-in-the-dark dodgeball to 90’s music) when I lived in New York between degrees. I’m in the process of finding my next sport and am very open to recommendations!