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Global Sustainability

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Alex Marchyshyn

Global Sustainability Intern


Columbia University, Bachelor's in Political Science


Duke University, Master's in Business Administration and Environmental Management

Favorite Sport to play or watch:

Play: Volleyball

Watch: Football (U.S.)

Favorite Nike Product: 2012 Nike Flyknit Racers in volt

Favorite Nike Athlete: Mia Hamm

Fun Fact: Played D1 volleyball in college.

Juliana Collamer

Global Sustainability Intern


George Washington University, Bachelor's in Public Health


Duke University, Fuqua School of Business, Master's in Business Administration

Favorite Sport to play or watch:

NCAA basketball – go Blue Devils!! 

Favorite Nike Product: Nike Pro HyperWarm Tights (amazing for the winter!)

Favorite Nike Athlete: Serena Williams 

Fun Fact: I went skydiving in Namibia over spring break.

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