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Workplace Design & Connectivity

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Alex Byrnes

WHQ Meetings + Events Intern


University of Arkansas, Bachelor's in Recreation and Sport Management

Favorite Sport to Play or Watch:

Play: Track and Field

Watch: Football

Favorite Nike Product: Air Force 1 Mid

Favorite Nike Athlete: Alex Morgan

Fun Fact: I recently became a National Champion and First Team All-American.

Erin Boley

Business Operations Intern


University of Oregon, Bachelor's in Product Design

Favorite Sport to Play or Watch:


Favorite Nike Product: Air Force 1

Favorite Nike Athlete: Serena Williams

Fun Fact: Recently played in a 3x3 tournament in the Philippines.

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Jennifer Wineholt

Event Management Intern


University of Virginia, Bachelor's in Foreign Affairs and Religious Studies

Favorite Sport to Play or Watch:

Play: Volleyball
Watch: Tennis or football

Favorite Nike Product: Kobe 9 Low Elite (I create a new pair every year on NIKEiD)

Favorite Nike Athlete: Serena Williams

Fun Fact: I carry a stone from my hometown beach wherever I go.

Pilar Plater

Global Workplace Design Researcher Intern


University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill, Bachelor's in Sociology


Tufts University, Master's in Educational Studies


University of Virginia, Doctor of Philosophy in Sociology

Favorite sport to Play and Watch:

Play: Rowing (coxing)
Watch: Gymnastics and figure skating

Favorite NIKE product: I have a Nike sweatshirt that was customized for my sports team in college and it's one of my favorite pieces.

Favorite NIKE athlete: Gabby Douglas

Fun Fact: My family has a farm in Virginia where we raise bees and harvest our own honey.

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Tristan Essary

Experience Design Intern


University of Alabama, Bachelor's in Marketing and Sales

Favorite Sport to Play or Watch:


Favorite Nike Product: Nike Cortez and AirMax 90

Favorite Nike Athlete: Andre Agassi

Fun Fact: I've never bought a pair of shoes other than Nike. I can grow a pretty mean mustache. When I was eight I beat four grown men at a pumpkin eating contest.

Wes Jurden

Athletic Center Intern


Ohio State University, Bachelor's in Business Administration

Favorite Sport to Play or Watch:


Favorite Nike Product: Roshe One and Converse Chuck Taylors 

Favorite Nike Athlete: LeBron James 

Fun Fact: I get up at 3 a.m. Monday to Friday to powerlift at 4 a.m. I am an avid reader. Visiting every U.S. national park is on my bucketlist.

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Person, Face, Man

Winter Romeyn

Design and Construction Intern


Michigan State University, Bachelor's in Applied Engineering Sciences

Favorite Sport to Play or Watch:

Play: Basketball

Watch: Track and Field

Favorite Nike Product: Mamba V Track Spike 

Favorite Nike Athlete: Evan Jager

Fun Fact: I like to cold water surf in Lake Michigan.