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Hannah Joyner, North Carolina State University

Major: Texile Engineering - Information Systems Designs

Test Engineer Intern

Intern Manager: Barb McGrath

Favorite Sport: Volleyball

Favorite Nike Product: Nike Hyperadapt

Favorite Nike Athlete: Serena Williams

Fun Fact: My favorite food group is tacos.

Carmen Davis, North Carolina State University

Major: Chemical & Texile Engineering

Process Engineer Intern

Intern Manager: Becky Crespo

Favorite Sport: Running

Favorite Nike Product: Nike Reacts

Favorite Nike Athlete: Shalene Flanagan

Fun Fact: Winner of the 2017 NC State Krispy Kreme Challenge (5 mile run + 12 donuts).

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Air Manufacturing Innovation

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Caroline Swanson, California Polytechnic State University

Major: Mechanical Engineering 

Air MI Quality Intern

Intern Manager: Katrina Luebkert

Favorite Sport: Soccer and Ultimate Frisbee

Favorite Nike Product: Air Zoom Pegasus 

Favorite Nike Athlete: Tobin Heath

Fun Fact: I'm an identical twin.

Dan Crecca, University of Michigan

Major: Industrial & Oerpations Engineering 

Production Supervisor Intern

Intern Manager: Mitesh Patel

Favorite Sport: Gymnastics and Football 

Favorite Nike Product: Metcon 4

Favorite Nike Athlete: Carson Wentz

Fun Fact: I have a Halloween birthday. 

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Major: Mechanical Engineering 

Automation Group INTERN

Intern Manager: Shaun Hensley

Favorite Sport: Soccer

Favorite Nike Product: Air Max 97/1 SW

Favorite Nike Athlete: CR7

Fun Fact: I used to motorcycle race in high school & the mountains.


Major: Industrial & Operations Engineering 

Operations Assistant INTERN

Intern Manager: Jason Kaylor

Favorite Sport: Soccer

Favorite Nike Product: Nike Free 

Favorite Nike Athlete: Chloe Kim

Fun Fact: I have lived in Malaysia and Egypt. 

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Josh Huber, Missouri S&T

Major: Mechanical & Aerospace Engineering 

St. Charles Extrusion Engineering INTERN

Intern Manager: Jeremy Buschmann

Favorite Sport: Baseball

Favorite Nike Product: Apple Watch Nike+ Series 3

Favorite Nike Athlete: Kirani James

Fun Fact: I can speak, read, and write Swedish fluently. 


Katherine David, Western Washington UNIVERSITY

Major: Plastics & Composites Engineering


Intern Manager: Mike Pfluger

Favorite Sport: Volleyball and Hockey

Favorite Nike Product: Nike Flex

Favorite Nike Athlete: Misty May-Treanor

Fun Fact: I attended an Arts focused High School where I studied opera for four years.


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Madison Nasteff, Rice University

Major: Mechanical Engineering 

Design Engineer INTERN

Intern Manager: Samuel Heinzman

Favorite Sport: Running

Favorite Nike Product: Air Max Zero

Favorite Nike Athlete: Jordan Hasay

Fun Fact: I have ran three marathons, including the original marathon in Greece.


Megan Simpson, Florida State UNIVERSITY

Major:Mechanical Engineering

Facilities & Maintenance Project Engineer INTERN

Intern Manager: Jeff Turner

Favorite Sport: Tennis

Favorite Nike Product: Nike Flyknit Shoes

Favorite Nike Athlete: Eugenie Bouchard

Fun Fact: I like to put cream cheese on everything I eat. 

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Michael San Millian, Ferris State UNIVERSITY

Major: Plastics and Polymer Engineering Technology

St. Charles Manufacturing Engineering INTERN

Intern Manager: Paul Jarasek

Favorite Sport: Hockey and Football

Favorite Nike Product: Running Shoes

Favorite Nike Athlete: Tiger Woods

Fun Fact: I have lived in five different states. 

Timothy Slama, Oregon State UNIVERSITY

Major: Mechanical Engineering and Innovation Management


Intern Manager: Tom Brenneman

Favorite Sport: Golf

Favorite Nike Product: 2005 Nike SQ Fairway Wood

Favorite Nike Athlete: Tiger Woods 

Fun Fact: I have a pet turtle named Kenny.

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Victoria Cummings, Prairie View A&M UNIVERSITY

Major: Chemical Engineering


Intern Manager: Logan Leslie

Favorite Sport: Football

Favorite Nike Product: Nike Cortez

Favorite Nike Athlete: LeBron James

Fun Fact: I know every line to Willie Wonka & The Chocolate Factory.