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Ben Jones

Color Development Intern


Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts, Bachelor's in Sculpture


Jefferson University, Master's in Textile Design

Favorite Sport to Play or Watch:

I love skiing, it's majestic. 

Favorite Nike Product: Nike Tennis Classic SC, Nike Pro Hijab

Favorite Nike Athlete: Serena Williams

Fun Fact: In 6th grade, I wrote and delivered a speech titled “Just Do It” and won third place in the state championships.

Cameron Ray

Global Product Operations Internship - Apparel


Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University, Bachelor's in Economics and Mathematics

Favorite Sport to Play or Watch:

Play: Softball

Watch: Hockey

Favorite Nike Product: VaporMax

Favorite Nike Athlete: Kevin Durant

Fun Fact: I absolutely love the Marvel movies.

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Kamryn Weber

Product Line Manager Intern


University of Southern California, Bachelor's in Communications

Favorite Sport to Play or Watch:


Favorite Nike Product: Women's Classic Swoosh Sports Bra

Favorite Nike Athlete: Karissa Schweizer

Fun Fact: I want to visit all the national parks in the U.S. So far, I have been to 10.

Mikaela Watson

Product Line Manager Intern


Stanford University, Bachelor's in Product Design Engineering

Favorite Sport to Play or Watch:

Play: Lacrosse

Watch: Basketball

Favorite Nike Product: Nike Air Zoom Pegasus 35

Favorite Nike Athlete: Serena Williams

Fun Fact: I love to create, specifically drawing and sculpting.

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Rose Echard

Technical Development Intern


Iowa State University, Bachelor's in Apparel Merchandising and Design

Favorite Sport to Play or Watch:

Running (half marathons are my favorite distance)

Favorite Nike Product: Nike Air Zoom Structure (it’s the only shoe I run in)

Favorite Nike Athlete: Gwen Jorgensen

Fun Fact: I recently created a collection of jackets that are made of reclaimed billboard vinyl.