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Akshay Paruchuri

Embedded Systems Engineer Intern


North Carolina State University, Bachelor's in Electrical Engineering and Computer Engineering

Favorite Sport to Play or Watch:

Basketball and soccer

Favorite Nike Product: Adapt BB

Favorite Nike Athlete: LeBron James

Fun Fact: I like tinkering with things so much that you can find more things taken apart in my room than put together (I promise I put everything back together and functional eventually though, haha).


Dominique Gillis

Product Line Intern - NXT


University of Portland, Bachelor's in Marketing and Spanish

Favorite Sport to Play or Watch:

Pro basketball

Favorite Nike product: Air Force 1

Favorite Nike athlete: Kevin Durant

Fun Fact: I love traveling and I’ve been bungee jumping twice (in Costa Rica and California)!

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Person, Face, Sleeve, Clothing, Long Sleeve, Female, Portrait, Hair, Evening Dress, Fashion

Jaclyn Acquviva

Footwear Materials Summer Intern


University of Massachusetts, Bachelor's in Chemical Engineering

Favorite sport to Play or Watch: 

I love to watch hockey

Favorite Nike product: Nike Air Force 1

Favorite Nike athlete: Naomi Osaka

Fun Fact: I have been zip lining in Costa Rica!

Janelle Jorgensen

NSRL Intern


Boston University, Bachelor's in Neuroscience


Boston University, Master's in Biomedic Engineering

Favorite Sport to Play or Watch: 

Play: Running
Watch: Wimbledon and March Madness

Favorite Nike Product: My Nike running pack

Favorite Nike Athlete: Steve Prefontaine

Fun Fact: Working at a specialty run store, I get the “Have you done / do you want to do a marathon?” question, a lot. I haven’t decided if I’ll run one, but I would love to skate one. North Shore Inline Marathon 2020, look out!

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Apparel, Clothing, Person, Sleeve, Long Sleeve, Man, Face, Sweater

Jarrett Gilmore

Computational Design Intern


University of Louisiana, Lafayette, Bachelor's in Industrial Design


University of Oregon, Master's in Sports Product Design

Favorite sport to Play or Watch: 

American football

Favorite Nike product: Air Jordan Retro 3

Favorite Nike athlete: Odell Beckham Jr.

Fun Fact: I am a member of Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity Incorporated.

Kristopher Erlitz

Manufacturing Innovation Process Engineer Intern


California Polytechnic State University, Bachelor's in Chemical Engineering

Favorite Sport to Play or Watch:

Play: Baseball

Watch: Swimming, hockey and golf

Favorite Nike Product: Nike Tailwind '79

Favorite Nike Athlete: Tiger Woods

Fun Fact: I'm a self-taught singer and have a knack for memorizing song lyrics.

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Face, Person, Smile, Clothing, Apparel

Vicki Ponarski

Cushioning Innovation Intern


Carnegie Mellon University, Bachelor's in Mechanical Engineering


Carnegie Mellon University, Master's in Mechanical Engineering

Favorite sport to Play or Watch:


Favorite Product: Nike Free Flyknits

Favorite Athlete: Serena Williams 

Fun Fact: I can put both of my feet behind my head.