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Sports marketing

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Tanya Assar, Duke University

Master of Business Administration

Sports Marketing Intern

Intern Manager: Tracey Waldman

Favorite Sport: Basketball

Favorite Nike Product: PG2

Favorite Nike Athlete: Russell Westbrook

Fun Fact: I am a Yelp ELITE Gold reviewer; just two more years before I receive the coveted Yelp ELITE Black badge.

Dylan Gladney, Prairie View A&M University

Major: Finance

Sports Marketing Intern

Intern Manger: Richard Sharma

Varsity D1 Sport: Track and Field

Favorite Sport: Track and  Field

Favorite Nike Product: Nike VaporMax

Favorite Nike Athlete: Allyson Felix

Fun Fact: I underwent ACL and Achilles surgery while still competing as a Division 1 Athlete.

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Samantha Little, University of Oregon

Major: Advertising

Sports Marketing Intern

Intern Manager: Matthew Ardeall

Varsity D1 Sport: Acrobatics and Tumbling

Favorite Sport: Gymnastics and Football

Favorite Nike Product: Air Force 1 Utlraforce Mid

Favorite Nike Athlete: Simone Biles

Fun Fact: Writing poetry is my stress reliever, sewing is my hidden talent, and hot dogs are my favorite food.

Sydney Snead, University of Georgia

Major: Marketing

Sports Marketing Intern

Intern Manager: Mario Vergara

D1 Varsity Sport: Gymnastics

Favorite Sport: Gymnastics

Favorite Nike Product: Leggings

Favorite Nike Athlete: Alex Morgan

Fun Fact: I absolutely love mint chocolate chip ice cream.

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Tamara Statman, University of Arizona

Major: Political Science

Sports Marketing Intern

Intern Manager: Scott Hanson

Varsity D1 Sport: Softball

Favorite Sport: Softball and Gymnastics

Favorite Nike Product: Nike Women Pro Long Sleeve V Neck

Favorite Nike Athlete: Michelle Wie

Fun Fact: I have a third degree black belt in TaeKwonDo and compete in the West Coast Swing.

Reed Vial, Louisiana State University

Major: Finance

Sports Marketing Intern

Intern Manager: Tony Dorado

Varsity D1 Sport: Basketball

Favorite Sport: Basketball

Favorite Nike Product: Nike Off-White Collaboration

Favorite Nike Athlete: LeBron James

Fun Fact: I’ve visited 42 of the 50 States.

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